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Variety of Devices Available

In today’s construction, whether it’s new builds or remodels, selecting the right devices isn’t just a cosmetic decision, but is also safety driven. Cross Electric will ensure your home/business is wired safely and correctly, but can also help you with device selection that best suits your needs.

Adding wall plates and switches cannot only give your home a stylish look, but they can be functional as well. We offer a variety of each, to update your home and provide a new look. From wall plates to receptacles, Cross Electric has you covered safely.

Device Options 

  • Wall Plates – Switching out wall plates is an easy way to add style/decoration to any room in your home. This quick change turns your monotonous room to a new stylish room with such an easy fix. We have a wide variety of wall plates with various designs, colors and materials to correlate with your home decor. No matter what style your home is, we have many options to match your decor. Wall plates cannot only be stylish, but functional as well.
  • Switches – We offer a variety of switches that will be sure to match your style and offer the functions you are looking for. We provide dimmers, which are great for saving energy. These can extend the life of your light bulbs, which can lower your electric bills. We can also install motion sensors, timers, 3-way switches and many more to fit your needs. Installing switches correctly is very important, as they are an imperative part of your electrical system.
  • GFCI Receptacles – Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is an outlet that constantly monitors electricity flowing in a circuit, essentially to check for any loss of current. These outlets are there to protect people from electrical shock.
  • Receptacles – A receptacle is also called an electrical outlet. It is an opening or series of openings connected to a wired power source meant to power electrical equipment.
  • Lighting Controls – Lighting Controls is the ability to regulate the level of quality light in a room. This type of lighting saves energy, as it supplies light when and where it is needed. No matter what time of day, your fixtures are putting out the same amount of light when turned on.

Contact us Today to Learn More About our Devices

No matter what type of device you are looking for, Cross Electric can install these at ease and most importantly safely. With our variety of styles and options, we are sure to have the perfect fit for your home and will also stay consistent with your home decor. If you have any questions about any of our devices, please free to give us a call today at 317-894-2427 and we will be sure to help you choose the most functional and appropriate device for your home. We look forward to working with you. Feel free to fill out our contact form and we will get back to you in a timely fashion. We look forward to working with you on all of your electrical device needs.