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Your guys were very polite and very considerate about their boots and tracking snow etc. indoors. I'm very appreciative. Good staff generally means good management and good company.

Lynde S.

Cross Electric went above and beyond my expectations while putting overhead lights in our entire existing 70's tri-level. The electricians took a genuine and sincere interest in their work and did everything they could to make me happy. They showed up on time, were clean and professional, and worked diligently. I will definitely consider Cross Electric for all my future needs! Highly recommend!

Terry C.

Thank you again for your great service and to the techs that came to my home. I could not have been more satisfied with their professionalism and work.


Anne M.

I came home from work one Friday evening only to find the front door bashed in and items missing from my home.  Yes, losing personal items, never to be relocated, is devastating but strangers invading your personal space is more so.  By noon, the following day, Indianapolis Electricians, Cross Electric, had installed an alarm system.   The system provided much more protection than I would have imagined.  Living in a two story home, they provided glass breaks, door sensors, and motion detectors.  Amazingly, I set the system even when I was home.  Several years later, I sold the property and built a new home and barn in the country.  Not only did Cross install an alarm system in both, they also installed outside security lighting on our barns.  Moving from a neighborhood to the country was quite a transition for me but Cross was instrumental in making me feel safe in a new environment.