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Cross Electric, knows the pressing decisions most make regarding the appearance of their home or business can often become overlooked by the brains behind the operation. A properly specified panel and meter base will keep you safe and running efficiently. A backup generator can ensure that even through the worst of circumstances your home or business never stops working for you. Lastly, a whole house surge protector can protect you in the event of an unlikely storm or electrical complication that have the potential to send you without more than just your favorite T.V.

  • Panel/Meter– Ensure your home has ample power capacity to withstand all your needs.
  • Generators-Provide the backup protection in the event of an extended power outage.
  • Surge Protection – Provide safety for your entire house in the event of an electrical surge.

Is Your Indianapolis Home Experiencing Any of the following?

  • Lights flickering
  • Dimming of your lights
  • Fuses blow periodically?
  • Circuit breaker trips
  • Feel heat from your panel box
  • Do you hear any crackling sounds coming from the ceiling, walls, etc?
  • Adding any major appliances?
  • Renovations to any rooms in your home?

When our Indianapolis Electric Company performs an upgrade to your panel and meter board, your system will have added protection and security. All of your equipment will be switched out and updated, so your electrical system will be brand new. This updated system will give you a piece of mind knowing that all of your components will be safe and there will be no more flickering lights, fuse blow outs and crackling noises. If you are added new appliances, they will be safely installed. If you are adding a room addition, this new system will ensure all additions will be electrically safe.

It is important to have a licensed contractor, such as Cross Electric perform these services, for safety and efficiency. Our number one goal is safety and efficiency. Our experienced electric company has been working on Indianapolis homes and businesses for 20 plus years. We understand the ins and outs of all electrical systems and will perform these changes as ease. Making changes to your panels and meter board can also lower your energy bills, while adding value to your Indianapolis home.

Installation of Back Up Generators by Our Indianapolis Electric Company

Adding a generator to your home is an added precaution if the power goes out in the Indianapolis area, due to a storm or possible accident with a power line. It is important to contact an Indianapolis Electric Company to install this generator to ensure safety and show you the proper way to use this device in case of an emergency. We understand that no one wants to be without power for even a short time.

The main goal of a backup generator is to provide emergency power, when your equipment unexpectedly stops working. All aspects are affected when you are without power. Your refrigerator/freezer will no longer run, your air conditioning units will not work and the most obvious one, your lights will not be functional. Therefore, it is something that every Indianapolis home has a back up option.

It’s important to make sure back up generators are installed properly. With proper installation by a local electric company, you prevent health and safety risks. Back up generators have a certain level of carbon monoxide, which can be dangerous if too much is inhaled. Back up generators should be placed at a certain distance from your home far enough away from windows, doors, etc. Our Indianapolis Electric Company is skilled and trained on the installation of back up generators and will be glad to assist in the installation to ensure safety of your home and loved ones.

Surge Protectors for Your Indianapolis Home

Is your equipment protected in your Indianapolis home or business? A power surge can happen at any time, not just during a storm. When your home or business is not protected, you can risk replacing damaged electronic equipment. Are you computers, television or gadgets plugged directly into an electric outlet? If so, they are at risk. A surge protector is different then a power strip. All it takes is one incident and your electronics will no longer function. This is why a surge protector is very important.

If lightning strikes, power outage occurs or any other unexplained malfunction occurs, this can cause a surge in power. During these instances, a surge lasts more then just a few seconds and can produce more voltage then your standard outlet can maintain. The surge protector ensures that only the, safe amount of electricity passes through your gadgets. With easy installation all of your equipment can be protected.

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