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Business/ Home Safety

Our Indianapolis Electric Company Makes Safety a Priority

From the construction phase for employees to raising a family or running a business for customers, Cross Electric values safety above all else. The most important thing for our customers is to be knowledgeable in the areas of electrical safety. When in doubt about electrical questions or concerns, contact a licensed electrician to help with a solution.

  • Fire Safety – Circuit overloading is far too common for homeowners. Do you have too many devices plugged into one outlet? Do you have a surge protector for your electronics? Are you wires out in the open or hidden? Our Indianapolis Electric Company will provide you with all the safety tips you need to keep your home safe.
  • Electrical Safety – Be sure your family knows the dangers/risks. Knowing the importance of electrical issues in your home can be a life saving tactic. We supply many precautions below.
  • Electrical Panel Safety – If you live in an older home contact our Indianapolis Electric Company to see how you can be sure your home is up to the latest electrical codes/standards. Do you experience light flickering? Fuses blowing out? Circuit breaker trips? If so, let us assess the problem and fix these issues before an accident can occur. View our panels/services page to learn more about these problems.

Safety During a Storm

Our Indianapolis Electric Company takes every measure possible to prevent problems from occurring and puts safety first for our customers. Here are a few tips that we would like to share with you to diminish the dangers of issues that could develop to your home during a storm or power outages.

If you know a storm is approaching:

  • Keep emergency telephone numbers handy and devices charged beforehand. Cross Electric – 317-894-2427.
  • Always keep a flashlight available with new batteries on every level of your home.
  • Try to not use candles, a battery operated lantern or LED lights work better. If you only have candles available, do not leave them unattended and lit while you are asleep.
  • Have battery back ups in your clock.
  • Have bottled water or a water supply just in case you need to drink or cook with this.
  • Always plug your electronics into a surge protector. If they are not plugged into a surge protector unplug them. Keeping these devices plugged into a surge protector will protect them from lightning and other accidents.

If the power does go out, take these precautions:

  • Check to see if a fuse was tripped in the fuse or circuit breaker box.
  • Look outside or contact the neighbors to verify their power is off
  • Call your local Indianapolis Electric Company as soon as possible. When a storm hits, call volume increases and we also need to be aware of the incidents occurring in your area.
  • If damage has occurred to your home, try to have all the details available before you call for faster service.
  • Turn off and unplug appliances.
  • Keep your refrigerator and freezer doors closed to keep them cooler as you do not know how long you will be out of power. A freezer can keep meat frozen for up to 24 hours and up to 48 hours. Move meats, cheeses and other items to the freezer since they will stay cooler longer in there.
  • Once the cause of the power outage is discovered we will work efficiently to get this restored.

If you choose to use a generator:

  • Do not connect your generator directly to your home’s wiring. This can cause a fatal injury. This can cause a voltage increase and cause damage to your home and a person.
  • Do not use a generator indoors. This includes an attached garage as well. A generator emits carbon monoxide, which can be harmful when breathed in. Operate in a well-ventilated area; protected from rain, snow or any other weather related issues.
  • Don’t overload the generator with too many appliances. Use what you need in an emergency situation.
  • Use heavy-duty outdoor power cords.
  • Read and adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for safe operation.  Do not skip the instructions, this can cause fatal injuries.
  • Turn off all appliances that are plugged into the generator before powering down.
  • If you need help with using a generator, please contact us to assist.

Contact Your Indianapolis Electric Company today

Safety is our number one concern at Cross Electric. With the tips above and items to look out for, our Indianapolis Electric Company will provide safe electrical services and are available to answer any questions that you may have about your electrical system. Contact us today for all of your electrical needs.